How it Works


Get CONTROL and TIME back with About Time Tours. Scheduling your home tour is now Easy, Secure and Convenient.

With MLS integration, you can browse for homes using property addresses, MLS numbers or local maps.

After the homes are selected, send showing requests right from the app.

Once your tour is arranged and confirmed, all your appointments can easily be added to your calendar.

Your completed home tour itinerary is automatically sent to your buyer!


Delivering great customer service on a home tour is essential to your client relationship. About Time Tours helps you stay on track and on-time so you can focus on your buyer and the home features they want, not tour logistics.

Easily take pictures of the home your touring in the app with secure sharing capability.

Record notes or questions in the app as you tour so you never forget important details.

Buyers can enter feedback in the app while touring, ensuring you can deliver prompt showing feedback to the Listing Agent.

Notes, feedback and pictures are stored with your tour so it can be easily accessed at your convenience.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could let the Home Sellers know their property is next on tour, and you are on your way? It would also be great to let Home Sellers know you’ve left their home. About Time Tours automates this communication with alerts and text messaging.

Automatic notifications to the Home Seller and Listing Agent with geographic or manual triggered “Your Next on Tour” alerts.

Effortlessly let your Home Seller know “We’ve Left your Home” alerts.

No more dragging the kids and dogs out of the house for 90 minutes only to find out the Buyers were there for only 5 minutes!


Sellers and Listing Agents want to know what the Buyer thought! And they deserve prompt feedback, but it’s often sent late or neglected altogether. About Time Tours makes it easy with simple and secure feedback prompts.

Finally send hassle free follow up to the Listing Agent with convenient prompts during tour.

Simple, one click “My Client is interested/not interested” flash feedback with optional notes.

Feedback is secure and specific to the property you are being prompted on.

What Agents Are Saying

“What took me an hour, I just did in 3 minutes!  I can’t believe I just set up a tour, on my patio chair with the sun shining.  This is incredible.” 

Jaynee B. – Principal Broker (Bend, OR)

“I just need to figure out what to do with all the extra time and effort I just saved.  This app is so easy and convenient.”

Brooke C. – Agent (Bend, OR)

“Finally, a useful mobile app solution that will alert my Home Sellers for me when their listing is next on tour and when the Home Buyer left their home”

Susanna A. – Agent (Bend, OR)