Why did we Build This?

Buying Agents need to show homes and Home Buyers want to see what could be their largest investment in their lifetime.  Physically going on a home tour is essential.  However, the old way of creating and executing home buyer tours was outdated, clumsy, and frustrating for all parties. Tours are extremely time-consuming to create with lots of back and forth communicating to get authorizations from Listing Agents. Furthermore, when you are on the tour, you’re trying to navigate your tour effectively and do your best to show the home. Other parties are blind to the tour – the homeowner doesn’t know when they need to leave their home or when they can return and realtors forget to give feedback. The whole process is outdated, but is a critical step in the home buying and selling experience. There’s an app for everything we thought, right? We tried to find a mobile app that would help in each step of the process and we just couldn’t find one. So, we built one! Our app simplifies, streamlines, organizes and automates the home tour process. It does so much work for you, home tours will be fun and more importantly, it will help you sell more homes!

The Team

Instigating change and harnessing technology for an industry in need of better processes.

Matt McCoun

Matt, also known as “The Red Shoe Realtor”, was born and raised in Portland, OR, and has spent 28 years in commissioned sales. Believing in working smarter not harder, Matt is focused on building technology to manage the heavy lifting. Matt attended Oregon State University and thoroughly enjoys the West Coast lifestyle.  Living in Bend, OR, Matt enjoys his family , friends and the great outdoors.

Chris Mergenthaler

Chris grew up in South Florida and has built multiple SaaS products over his 30 years in business. With a dedication to the highest quality and continuous improvement, he is devoted to building unique solutions for overlooked business processes. Chris earned a BA in International Relations from the University of Colorado at Boulder (1987), and an MBA from Florida International University (1995) in Miami.

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